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Have you ever heard someone remark about an early childhood program--even ours, perhaps---"All the children do there is play"?  At good early childhood programs there is a lot of play---and there should be! 

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Kid-Sized Chores

When it comes to housework, many parents rarely ask young children to help because it is easier to do it themselves.  It's important to know, that chores teach responsibility. 

As with all life skills, the earlier you begin these lessons, the more beneficial they are.  We suggest you can start by having a child sized broom and dustpan, so your child can sweep the floor. You can cut a sponge in half to fit small hands, and have your child help wipe off tables.  Gradually move up to more difficult tasks like folding towels, and filling the pets' bowls.
In high quality early education programs, teachers often signal clean up time with a song.  You can choose any upbeat song to signal it's time for chores.  Your child will learn that everyone pitches in and you will have less struggles down the road with responsibility.


This is an excerpt from an Early Years Newsletter- Copyright 2007, 2008 by Resources for Educators, a Division of Aspen Publishers, Inc.
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